Our goals

Our goals

Over these 20 years, the NCR Angola it has assumed a stand of conciliation between economic development and social responsibility and regarding this, it makes the relationship with customers, employees, suppliers, and especially with the community, a priority.


This concern is based on a culture of values of respect, equality and solidarity and with the goal to disseminate a technological culture in Angola This stand was driven by the Law 8/12 of 18 January, Law of Patronage, which framed the actions of the Group in supporting institutions and activities in the field of sport, culture and religion throughout the country.


The NCR Angola purpose is to become a social partner of the state and civil society, mobilizing people and institutions and arising local dynamics of social, individual and community development.

Our organizations pretends to be recognized, in short term , as a reference institution in the field of innovation and social responsibility with a transversal presence in the Angolan society and acting in proximity with the public, fighting against exclusion and social fragility.

In this sense, the company has built a strong culture of mutual aid reflected both internally and externally, through the various projects that have given body to the course of the company and which demonstrate this solidarity effort.


The social work of NCR has originated clear evidence of the good results obtained over the past few years which is a huge motivation to continue to invest in sustainable development and fairer Angolan society.

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