Commercial management

Customer Billing

  • Warehouses, Shops, Markets, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Workshops, Factories, Provision of Services, Equipment Maintenance, etc;
  • Sales for cash and credit with control currents customer accounts;
  • User Charts for Clients with Current Accounts control and advance payments;
  • ABC classification of products;
  • Current accounts of customers with statements, conciliations and payment terms;
  • Sales Charts;
  • Prices manually indicated;
  • Automatic pricing based on APP, LEP or indexes of the Costing Sheet;
  • Discounts by Customer, Chart or Product. ▪ Sales commissions by Chart or Product;
  • Special Contract prices with Clients;
  • Sales Promotions;
  • Summary of Cash Sales, Operators, Customer, General [Ready Payment and Credit], discounts, taxes, etc;


Orders to suppliers

  • Calculation cost of goods.
  • Incoming goods in multiple currencies.
  • Price Registration FOB.
  • Orders suggestion based on quantity. Months of average consumption or ABC classification of products.
  • Supplier Consultation [Excel].
  • Management of final orders.
  • Control of quantities in transit and arrival of the goods.
  • Current accounts of Suppliers with statements, conciliations and payment terms.



Stock Control

  • Multiple warehouses with Products location.
  • Types of products: Simple, Complex, with the Expiry date, Sub-Divided, Equipment, Services.
  • Cost Price: FOB, APP-Average Purchase Price [weighted], LEP-Last Entry Price [buy].
  • Monthly Balance Sheets.
  • Automatic Control of Stock Rupture [Minimal] and Ordering Point.
  • Registration of the Medium Consumption, Waiting time, Risk factor, standard deviation, etc.
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